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Nutrition for Babies


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Exclusive Breast Feeding


The Issue:
Breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for babies for the first six months. After that they can have solid foods but can still keep breastfeeding until they are 2 years old or even longer. There are many good reasons to use breast milk to nurture your baby.

Find out more about breastfeeding.



Introduction to Solids

The issue:

When the baby is about six months old the time is right to start feeding solid foods. You have to choose the right time as it is not good to leave it too late or to start feeding solids too early. Find out more about when to start feeding the baby solids .





The issue:
Anaemia can cause slow brain development and reduced immune function in babies and growing children. It is caused by not eating enough foods containing iron.

Find out more about iron foods for babies and growing children.



Nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding women


Specific nutrients required during pregnancy:

During pregnancy it is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables for the folate and lean meat so you get plenty of iron. Also baked beans and eggs and peanut butter can give you the iron you need. Be careful not to drink tea or coffee with your food as this can stop the iron from being absorbed by the body. Find out more about healthy foods during pregnancy .