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General Nutrition


Video #1: Bush Food & Store Food


In the old days we used to get our foods from the land and the rivers and the sea. Bush foods are healthy and keep our bodies strong. Back then we were fit, lean and had healthy hearts and bodies.  Our traditional foods are low in sugar, salt and fat and give our bodies all the good nutrition we need to stay healthy.


These days we mostly go to the store to get our food and drinks, but not all the food at the store is healthy. A lot of these foods have too much sugar and fat and have very little amounts of good nutrients. Some of these unhealthy foods are making a lot of us become sick. Eating too much of these unhealthy foods can cause problems like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.


There are many good choices at the store and it’s up to us to learn about the right choices and buy healthy foods for ourselves and our families each time we shop. By eating the right store foods we can keep ourselves and our families strong and healthy.



Video #2 : Eat Healthy Food Exercise Everyday


Eat healthy foods and you’ll enjoy life more!

Eat fruit and vegetables everyday
Eat more bush foods
Drink water instead of soft drink
Put less sugar into tea
Eat porridge, cereal, baked beans, grainy bread and pasta
Remove fat from meat
Choose stews and sandwiches instead of fried foods
Eat less salt and salty foods

Move more, walk more, everyday
Aim for at least half an hour of exercise or walking a day