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Video #1: Exercise




footy iconIntroduction


Low levels of physical activity have become a big health problem in Australia. Our world has changed so much it has become easy for people to get things done without having to move around much. Instead of hunting for our food, now we can go to the store. Instead of walking to get to places, we now have cars.


Not being active enough has made our people more likely to have health problems like diabetes, overweight and heart problems.


Being physically active is not just about playing sport. Anything that gets your body moving is physical activity. If you walk to the store it means you a moving your body, making your muscles work and giving your heart a small workout. There are many things you can do that makes you body work. Sport is a good way to do it but things that we do in our everyday lives can count as well.




footy iconThe health benefits of physical activity


It is now known that being physically active has many good effects on our health. There has been a lot of research in this area and the findings have been so strong that doctors are now asking people to be more active as it can help improve their health in many ways.


Physical activity can:


  • Improve your cholesterol and blood pressure which helps to keep your heart healthy -
  • Reduce your chance of developing diabetes
  • Help control your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes
  • Help you to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight
  • Keep your muscles, bones and joints strong so you have less chance of
    developing injuries
  • Help improve your mental health and reduce your stress levels




footy iconHow much physical activity do we need to do


Adults should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. This really should be ‘moderate’ activity which means it’s something that makes our breathing and heart rate fast. You can start by doing three lots in the day of 10 minutes each and gradually work up to doing 30 minutes at a time. Kids and teenagers should be doing at least 60 minutes of ‘moderate’ activity a day. Things like: fast walking, slow jogging, dancing, cycling, cleaning the house and gardening count as moderate activity.


If you can do something very active a few times a week this will help you even more. This is called ‘vigorous’ activity and makes our heart rate and breathing go even faster. Examples of activities that can count as ‘vigorous’ activity includes: running, fast cycling and very active sport like basketball or football.



Video #2: Set Your Goals and Strive to Achieve Them





footy iconGetting Started – Staying Motivated

It’s pretty amazing that something as simple as being more active everyday can improve our health in so many ways.  But we need to keep it in our minds all the time so that we make it part of our lives and develop the habit of being more active. There are a few things you can think about if you decide you want to find ways to be more physically active:


  1. Think about some of the reasons why you should be more physically active:
    • you want to improve your own health and feel better
    • you want to lose some weight
    • the health mob told you it’s best to help with your condition
    • you want to do it for your kids or grandkids
    • you want to do well in your sport.


  2. Think about what it is about your life or where you live that makes it hard for you to be more physically active. Could it be:
    • your job
    • your kids
    • the heat from the sun
    • dogs in the community
    • sore knees or other injuries.


  3. Think about what you can do to overcome these things that make it hard for you to be more physically active. Such as:
    • making time for yourself before or after work to do something
    • taking the kids with you or have someone look after them
    • doing something when the sun has gone down and it’s cooler
    • avoiding the streets where there are bad dogs and carrying a stick with you
    • getting the health centre to help you with your injuries so you can move better.



    If you want to start or want help to stay motivated it’s good to discuss this with the health staff, your family or friends. They can help you think about some ways to help you overcome any problems you might be having. Family and friends are also very good to help you stay motivated especially if you’ve decided to make a healthy change together.